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Beginner Astrology e-book

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This astrology cheat sheet is the perfect gift for either yourself, or somebody else. In this 30 page digital file, you will learn the most important parts of a natal birth chart so you can feel experienced and confident to read your chart, and the chart of others.

If you ever wanted to learn how to read a natal chart yourself but have no clue where to start, this printable is perfect for you!

By understanding the basic concepts of the natal birth chart, you can piece together all of the information into one big story to help you be a knowledgeable astrologer. Whether you know nothing about astrology or you know a little, this guidebook is easy to follow along and understand.

You can use these sheets for a book of shadows or grimoire.

Here's what this download covers:

- The elements and what they mean
- What the modalities are
- Understand what "houses" mean
- Learn about the planets & their traits
- Deep insight into your rising sign
- The most important angles in the birth chart
- Breaking the chart into 4 quadrants
- What each aspect means and how it works

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