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Astrology Shadow Side - e-book instant download

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This shadow side e-book focuses on how to do shadow work while using astrology. Through parts of your birth chart, you can become more self-aware of the darker sides of your personality. Have you ever had an outburst of emotions that have been buried so deep that the finally release and explode? When this happens, we often wonder “why did I act like that?” or take others by surprise. This is your shadow side showing itself.
By understanding your shadow and the deeper, darker layers of yourself, you can accept those parts of you and work towards a healthier release and cleanout. It’s so important to get in touch with your shadow side & learn how the lighter parts of your personality can co-exist with it. This is not a task to run from your shadow side or deny it entirely. Those triggers, reactions, subconscious memories or trauma are a part of you. They made you, you.

Working with your shadow side helps you understand this. It helps you to understand that you’re not broken or damaged but that you’re simply a flawed human being who needs some work. Beginning shadow work can look, feel, and even be scary. It takes a lot of patience with yourself and always suggests for you to be in a safe place (mentally, physically, or even emotionally) before tampering with your subconscious. By understanding the shadow side, you first must have to identify your lighter side. This is crucial for times of darkness to remember your strengths.

This is an instant download which means you will receive your e-book as a PDF file as soon as your payment processes. There is no waiting time. Here's an overview of what you can expect when purchasing this e-book...

The first part of the book will cover the introduction to the shadow self:

Understanding of the shadow self and why it’s important. This section includes the
introduction and how to decipher the shadow areas in your birth chart. In this section, I talk about where the term “shadow side” came from, what it is, and how you can apply this to shadow work.

Part 1: The Moon

In this section, you will learn all about what the moon represents in your birth chart and
how it influences your subconscious and emotional behavioral. The moon is one of the deepest parts of understanding your shadow self & therefore the longest section of this e-book.

Part 2: Neptune

Neptune is the planet of self-sabotage, deception, addictions, loss, and delusion. It’s also an indicator of spiritual awareness, intuition, subconscious memories, and shows how we can use our artistic abilities to become more in touch with ourselves and the Universe. This section only covers Neptune in the houses and aspects made to Neptune. Since this planet is slow moving, the signs have been left out.

Part 3: Pluto

Pluto shows destruction, control, and where we feel most powerful. It’s also associated
with our dark side and our intense nature. Pluto is ruler of the underworld and it’s mysterious and raw. Pluto’s position in the birth chart shows where you will experience the most transformation and intensity. This section only covers Pluto in the houses and aspects made to Pluto. Since this planet is slow moving, the signs have been left out.

Part 4: Eighth House

This section will guide you through the signs and planets in the eighth house. The eighth house is often referred to our shadow self and it’s the house of personal transformation, death and rebirth.

Part 5: Twelfth House

This section will guide you through the signs and planets in the twelfth house. The
twelfth house is focused on the things we sacrifice and lose in life. It’s the house of spiritual awareness and is deeply in touch with the unknown. This house also focuses on addiction, self-sabotaging behaviors, and how you make enemies.

The end of the book will focus on the conclusion of the shadow self + resources and links to help you begin your astrological journey. This e-book was inspired by my best-seller on Etsy, "Your Shadow Side: Astrology Birth Chart Reading".

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