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Monthly Forecast - Video Reading

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This horoscope reading will focus on your natal birth chart, transiting chart, and progressed chart transits happening to give you clear insight on what's in store over the next month.

By using predictive techniques, I can look into any challenges or opportunities that might be presented along your way. It covers from the first of the month to the end of the month in however many months you choose :)

Your video will be sent to you through email once complete so please be sure to provide the correct email address. If there's any issues or concerns, you can email me at

I will not answer questions about health, illnesses, death, pregnancy's, or anything illegal.

At checkout, be sure to include your birth details in the special instructions!

>> name for the reading

>> birthday format (month/day/year)

>> exact time of birth (am or pm?)

>> place of birth (not the hospital but birth city/town)

>> place of birth if moved from birth place

Refund Policy

If I make an error, I will send you another report free of charge. However, there are no refunds if the error falls on you. Be sure to double check your information before purchasing!