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Progressed Birth Chart Reading - Video Reading

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As you mature & get older, your chart does too! Throughout your life, you are met with challenges and blessings that ultimately shape you into the person you are today. This reading will cover your astrological standpoint today & how it ties into your natal birth chart history. You will discover how your emotional behaviors & direction in life has changed and where you're currently at now. This type of reading is helpful for those who want to understand themselves deeper than just the natal birth chart.
Using high-precision astrological calculations, your chart will be unique and specially tailored to you. This reading will be emailed to you with a video link file. Please allow me 5-10 days to send your video.  

At checkout, be sure to include your birth details in the special instructions!

>> name for the reading

>> birthday format (mm/dd/yyyy)

>> exact time of birth (am or pm?)

>> place of birth (not the hospital but birth city/town)

Refund Policy

If I make an error, I will send you another report free of charge. However, there are no refunds if the error falls on you. Be sure to double check your information before purchasing!