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Timing with Astrology - eBook

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This is an instant download which means you will receive your e-book as a PDF file as soon as your payment processes. There is no waiting time. 

This 47 page astrology e-book is an instant download file & it focuses on a few of my favorite timing techniques in astrology. Throughout this guidebook, "Timing With the Stars", you will learn how to unfold the story of your future.

There are 3 sections to this book that discuss how important traditional timing and prediction techniques are in astrology, how to predict by using the moon, and also how to plan/schedule your days around the planetary clock. It also includes a visual input of the planetary hours table (made by yours truly) to help you stay on track and live each day in rhythm to the cosmic universe.

This book covers these few topics:

Section 1: Traditional Techniques to Use in Your Mundane Life

❖ Using the moon phases

❖ Planetary days and hours

❖ The Nodes & Eclipses

Section 2: The Moon

❖ Following the moon phases

❖ Lunar Return Moon

❖ Timing with the zodiacal wheel

❖ Challenges or Opportunities (Conflict/Support)

❖ Conjunction, Squares, Oppositions

❖ Trines, Sextiles

Section 3: Planetary Days and Hours

❖ Planetary timing

❖ The seven days of the week

❖ Hours of the day

❖ Using the Planetary Hours

❖ The Planetary Hours Table

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