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Your Shadow Side Reading - Video Reading

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In this shadow side video reading, you will learn about your darkest personality and how to come to light with it. This reading will uncover your hidden emotions and how you will overcome and heal from trauma. I focus on evolutionary astrology & you will discover the karmic debt you carried from your past life and how to use that energy to fulfill your current karmic duty missions. By understanding these parts of your personality, you can heal and ultimately understand yourself more clearly. 

Themes that will be discussed: 

♡ discovering your moon sign and emotional behavior
♡ learn how you self-sabotage
♡ your darkest fears and transformation
♡ what's holding you back from your past life?
♡ how to work with your current karmic duties with the nodes
♡ how you may lack boundaries in the 12th house
♡ trauma that needs healed through Chiron
Using high-precision astrological calculations, your chart will be unique and specially tailored to you. This reading will be emailed to you with a video link file. Please allow me 5-10 days to send your video.

At checkout, be sure to include your birth details in the special instructions!

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Refund Policy

If I make an error, I will send you another report free of charge. However, there are no refunds if the error falls on you. Be sure to double check your information before purchasing!